virtual production | immersive media

We are a Virtual Art Department in Germany.

Our virtual production services help you make the most of your film budget. We support your movie, commercial or music video with concept development, visualisation, LED content and training.

What we do:

Virtual art department

LED content | VFX liaison | realtime environments

With our team of artists, we create the digital environments for your virtual production shoot. We are experienced in optimizing the content for your LED studio and work with them to ensure smooth collaboration.

About us:

Virtual production has gained a reputation for enabling film makers to realize their vision faster, and for making the most of your film budget. And yes, it involves digital backgrounds on LED screens, but also a dynamic, collaborative approach to film production!

XYZ Technical Art Services GmbH was founded in 2023 by Cordula Hansen and James Gilna, experienced digital artists passionate about good stories.

We believe that collaboration is the most powerful tool in bringing fresh, creative stories to life – let’s work together!